петък, 24 юни 2016 г.

Michael & Larisa - two married and in love professional professional photographers in
Switzerland. Were easy-going, gratifying and always in a good disposition. All over
Beyond and switzerland, we could making professional wedding picture reportages.
Wedding photography in Switzerland is our passion
Wedding images are one of your big passions. A marriage is the top of a love
history between two individuals. It is a joyful party and should be lots of fun.
This will be visible on our photos also. We wish to work together with couples
who discuss our interest for beautiful photographs and are prepared to invest time into it
on their big day. We want to be part of your big day and cheer you on along
with all the current other wedding guests if you are walking down the aisle.
What are you getting from us?
With us, you shall get the entire program beginning with preparations of the bride-to-be/ the
groom to the wedding reception and service, group pictures and completely
to the wedding dance at night. Important details such as wedding
accessories are of course also part of it and a special time for a few
portraits and the essential bridal couple picture shooting. During the evening
celebration we shall put up our picture booth for the guests or project the best
photos of the full day.

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